What Makes Appium So Popular?

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What Makes Appium So Popular?

QAs can perform automated app testing on several platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows, using the open-source framework Appium.In this blog, we have discussed what makes Appium so popular, to learn more, join   Appium Training In Chennai offered by FITA Academy, which provides training and a hundred per cent placement for the students.

Appium is a flexible cross-platform testing framework that enables testers to create test scripts using the same API for various platforms, including iOS, Windows, and Android. That saves time and effort for QAs because they may use the same code for iOS and Android.

Appium continues to be the top option for app automation testing for mobile apps, whether the program is native, hybrid, or mobile web operating on Android, iOS, or Windows. A variety of characteristics causes its popularity:

1)It functions as a server and is always on.

2)It can sync with the TestNG testing framework, which offers a more excellent selection of functionalities.

3)Appium can provide rich information logs thanks to an integrated UIAutomator, and it has a thorough reporting structure for improved debugging and better test results analysis.

4)In addition to Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, and C#, you may also use it to build test code in other languages.

5)It allows the reuse of the same code across many operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. This helps you save a tonne of time and work.

6)The test code gives QAs complete access to the databases and back-end APIs. This aids in evaluating flaws that are caused by back-end APIs or databases.

7)Since Appium uses the same automation APIs across all platforms, testers do not need to change or recompile the app being tested in any way. They must access no source code for the application being tested.

8)It provides freedom to choose their testing environment and device, allowing testing of mobile applications on emulators, simulators, or real devices. Remember, though, that testing towards the very end is not a good place for emulators and simulators. The app must be optimised for unsuitable circumstances because it cannot mimic numerous device capabilities, such as a low battery or an inconsistent network. An app can only be made acceptable for user conditions through real device testing, which can provide conclusive, accurate findings.

9)Thanks to its cross-platform compatibility, the ability to run the same tests across other systems broadens the coverage.

10)It provides real-time test monitoring, strengthening the execution of tests.

11)With UIAutomator, UIAutomation, or Xcode9, Appium enables the concurrent execution of test automation scripts on various Android or iOS sessions. This expedites testing and guarantees scalability.

Appium is the most excellent automated testing framework for mobile application testing because it has so many incredible features. Appium is famous for several reasons to know more, join  Appium Online Training. Enrolling in the Best Training Institute In Chennai can give you the skills and knowledge to excel in this field.