Power Electronics

FITA Academy offers you the best Power Electronics Projects in Chennai with high quality demonstration and with more real time exposure. If you are looking for latest IEEE Standard projects, we could help you in grander way.

Power Electronics – is dedicated to the Solid Electronic devices to control and convert the electric power. It also deals with the digital and analog signal processing.The advanced controllers like micro controllers, Field programmable field Array are used to trigger the perfect gating signal for power electronics device.

The control algorithm like zero-voltage-switching PWM, the new design of neutral-point voltage controller, Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation, Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation are achieved very easily using advanced controllers. Working practically with such type of algorithm will raise the standard of individual to the industry level.

The role of Power Electronics projects in the renewable energy sector provides you the mind blowing options to improve the efficiency of the complete system. The Automated Solar & Wind power generation and its transmission lines are got stable because of Power Electronics devices and controllers.

FITA Academy Provides you the preeminent Power Electronics projects in Chennai with the practical training on power electronics circuit design, power electronics controller design ,embedding the simulation with hardware and the complete testing.

The Listed below are the power Electronics IEEE Projects:

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