What is Quality Assurance in Software Testing?

What is Quality Assurance in Software Testing

Quality assurance (QA) is a method of determining whether a products or service fulfills defined requirements. QA develops and maintains standards for creating or manufacturing dependable products. In this blog we will explain about Quality Assurance in Software Testing. Are you looking to advance your career in Software Testing? Get started today with the Software Testing Course in Chennai from FITA Academy!

What is Quality?

Quality is difficult to define, however it can be summed as “fit for use or purpose.” It all boils down to satisfying customers’ needs and desires in terms of product functionality, design, durability, dependability, and affordability.

What is Assurance?

Assurance is just a positive assertion about a product or service that inspires trust. It is the certainty that a product or service will perform properly. It provides that the product will function correctly and by the expectations or needs.

What is Quality Assurance in Software Testing?

Quality Assurance in Software Testing is represented as a technique used to ensure the quality of services or software products provided to customers by a corporation. Quality assurance is focused with improving the software development process and making it more efficient and effective in accordance with software quality standards. QA testing stands for quality assurance testing.

How to do Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance approach is defined by a cycle known as the PDCA cycle or Deming cycle. The phases of this cycle are as follows:

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Check
  • Act

These procedures are repeated regularly to ensure that the organization’s processes are examined and improved. Let’s take a look at the QA Process phases listed above 

Plan – The organization should plan and develop process-related objectives, as well as identify the processes required to deliver a high quality final product.

Do – Process development and testing, as well as “do” changes to processes

Check – Monitoring processes, modifying processes, and determining whether they reach predetermined goals.

Act – A Quality Assurance tester should take out the measures required to improve the procedures.

An organization must utilize the method of quality assurance to ensure the product is created and deployed correctly. This helps to reduce difficulties and faults in the final result.

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What is Quality Control?

Quality control is often shortened as QC. It is a Software Engineering method used to ensure product or service quality. It is concerned with the quality of the “end products” and the ultimate output rather than the techniques utilized to make a product. The purpose of quality control is to verify that the products meet the specifications and expectations of the customer. If a flaw or problem is detected, it must be addressed before the product is delivered to the customer.

Difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance?

QC and QA are frequently confused. The process of checking a product or service and determining its outcome is known as quality control. In the feild of software engineering, quality assurance is the process of reviewing and changing the methods that resulted in the end product.

Best practices for Quality Assurance

  • Make a Stable Testing Environment
  • Choose your release criteria wisely.
  • It speeds up the entire procedure.
  • Set aside enough time for each process.
  • It is critical to prioritize bugs. corrections based on software usage
  • Create a separate security and performance testing team.
  • Simulate customer accounts in a production setting.

Quality Assurance Functions

  • Technology transfer: This duty entails getting an effect design document, trial and error data, and analyzing it. The documents have been circulated, reviewed, and approved.
  • Validation:  The master validation plan for the entire system is prepared here. The product and procedure certification test criteria have been approved. The resource planning for the validation plan’s implementation is complete.
  • Documentation: This function manages document dissemination and archiving. Any change to a document is made in accordance with the appropriate change control method. Document approval for all sorts.
  • Assuring Quality of products
  • Quality improvement plans

Quality assurance is the process of determining if a product is fit for usage. Organizations should have methods and standards in place for this, which should be enhanced on a regular basis. It focuse on the quality of the product/service that we provide to customers during or after software implementation. From this blog you have learned about Quality Assurance in Software Testing. 

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