What Is a Verb and Types

What Is a Verb and Types

Definition of Verb

A verb is a word that describes an action or a state. The majority of verbs convey crucial information about a statement. Verbs constantly  “do” something, whether it’s performing an action in a verb phrase or connecting that topic to the remaining material. Know the type of verbs for example with the aid of Spoken English Classes in Chennai under the support of a language expert.

Types of Verbs

Action Verbs

The majority of the verbs are action verbs. It indicates the person. Let’s see the action verb examples.

  • to receive – She received the letter.
  • to ask – She asked to give a money.
  • to cook – Arun cooked a pancake.
  • to sing – She sings in high pitch.

Action verbs are two types one is transitive and intransitive.

Intermediate Verbs

Intermediate verbs just describe an action. The important thing to mention in this variety of verbs is that they consistently stick to a direct object, which represents something that conveys the activity of the verb. With intermediate verbs, an object is needed.

Phrases with intermediate verbs obey the roadmap subject, verb, and object. In the following instances, the subject is highlighted, the intermediate verb is underlined, and the object is normal text.

  • Hema drove the bike.
  • Sam wants a car.
  • Christopher ate the fish fry.
  • Tamil cleaned the room.

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Intransitive Verbs

These verbs also show action. Unlike intermediate verbs, It does not convey the direct object. Nothing gets the action of the reaction. Rather, it is acted upon by the meaning of the sentence.

  • The airplane lands at 4 PM.
  • He arrived at the hotel.
  • My cat lies by the sofa.
  • we sat on the rock wall.
  • He went to the hotel.

Some verbs can be either transitive or intransitive; the type depends on how the verb is used in a sentence.

Combining Verbs

Combining Verbs does not describe the action. Rather, they link the subject with more information that is forthcoming. Other than that, they combine the subject with the information of the subject. There are many additional examples of combining verbs.

  • Raj is a talented fisherman.
  • I am Rajesh.
  • The bike was here.

Some terms can be used to relate verbs (for example, fragrance, origin, or appearance). To know the type using these terms, think about the function that acts in the word sentence.


Here we discussed the definition of verb and types with examples. We hope that this information will be beneficial for English learners. To enhance your speaking and writing skills in the English language, fetch yourself with Spoken English Class in Coimbatore to improve your skills.