What Does A Pega Software Developer Do?

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What Does A Pega Software Developer Do?

Pega is a BPM product that allows you to create scalable Customer Relationship Management (CRM), process automation, Case Management, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps on a single platform. In this blog, we have discussed what Pega software developers do, to know more about Pega, join Pega Training In Chennai at FITA Academy.

Pega Developers are highly qualified Software Developers who create and deliver enterprise-level applications using the Pega PRPC platform. This could include creating BPM applications, integrating web services, creating data models and frameworks, and compiling business analysis needs.

Pega Implementation is one of our services as part of our ongoing growth and commitment to providing better customer service. As a result, Segue employs a staff of highly trained Pega Software Developers.

1)Analyse issues and requirements as part of a team and transform them into procedures and software development activities.

2)Analyse, create and support deploying Pega business solutions and frameworks.

3)Support the implementation of Pega projects to ensure that it adheres to design decisions, standards, and best practices.

4)Collaborate with Segue team members and clients to elicit business capability needs for proper application implementation.

5)Using Pegasystems technology, translate complicated business requirements into functional technical requirements and well-designed, high-performance solutions.

6)Find new ways to improve the performance and efficiency of operations and reporting using digital solutions.

7)Mentor and assist junior-level developers in developing and sustaining Pega competence for the organisation.

Skills And Competence Of A Pega Software Developer

Some of the abilities and competencies we seek when recruiting a Pega Developer at Segue and as a Pega Authorised Partner are:

1)Previous experience in software development and software engineering

2)Experience with customer-focused software development projects (using Pega or other common development tools/languages such as.NET or Enterprise Java) is preferred.

3)Understanding and familiarity with Pega RULES Process Commander (PRPC).

4)Understanding of Pega workflow and form design best practices.

5)The ability to troubleshoot and resolve difficult manufacturing issues

6)Understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

7)Experience in Agile development, including the ability to explain Agile practises and principles to prospective and existing clients

8)Understanding of both cloud-based and on-premises technologies Installations of Pega

9)Capability to learn Pega technology and apply what you’ve learned in the field.

10)Excellent written and oral communication abilities

11)Extensive experience in both formal and informal contexts conveying complex technical topics to non-technical consumers.

Thus some of the skills and competence of Pega software developers are discussed above. To learn more about Pega’s skills and competence, join Pega Online Training.