What are the Reasons for using Selenium for Automation Testing?

What are the Reasons for using Selenium for Automation Testing?Selenium is a popular automation testing tool almost always mentioned. Selenium is well-known among developers and testers worldwide as one of the best tools for automation testing. If you want to know What are the Reasons for using Selenium for Automation Testing? Join FITA Academy for the best Selenium Training In Chennai with Selenium Certified Professionals.

Using Selenium for Automated Testing

Language and Framework Support

You can create your scripts in any of these computer languages, and Selenium will quickly translate them into Selenium-compatible codes. The knowledge of only Selenium languages is, therefore not required. Dedicated frameworks for writing test scripts for Selenium test automation are also available for each language that supports it.

Open Source Availability

The fact that Selenium is open source is one of the numerous factors that enhance its advantages. Selenium is a free automation framework that has no up-front expenditures because it is an open source product that is accessible to the general population. This is a place where you can keep rupees to use for later.

Because Selenium is open source, you can modify the code to improve code management and increase the functionality of built-in methods and classes.

Multi-Browser Support

The Selenium community is constantly working to make “One Selenium Script for All Browsers” better. The most popular browsers globally are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Edge, and Selenium Script is compatible with each of these browsers, according to StatCounter. Just one script is needed for all browsers, eliminating the need for separate scripts for each browser.

Support Across Various Operating Systems

Selenium is a portable tool that supports and functions on various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, UNIX, etc.

Selenium test suites can be created on any platform, such as Windows, and then executed on a different platform, such as Mac or Linux. FITA Academy is the best choice to learn Selenium Online Training with live projects and placement assistance. Tutors are highly qualified and work in MNCs. 

Ease Of Implementation

Selenium’s user-friendly interface makes it simple and effective to write and run test scripts. The tests can also be watched as they execute. You can review in-depth test results for Selenium and take further action.

Parallel Test Execution and Faster Go-to-Market

Automated testing is primarily used to reduce time and effort. Selenium Grid allows us to run several tests concurrently, speeding up test execution.

You may test in hundreds of browsers concurrently using Selenium with the use of cloud grids for cross-browser testing, greatly reducing the time required.

Less Hardware Usage

Selenium uses less hardware than other testing tools compared with vendor-centric automation solutions like QTP, UFT, and SilkTest.

Easy to Learn and Use

Writing hundreds of pages of intricate algorithms is not the same as building Selenium scripts. Creating code to automate the operations of your website constitutes Selenium script writing. 

Why Is Selenium Used?

To automate testing for several web browsers, Selenium is utilised. Selenium WebDriver makes it simple to automate browser testing on supported browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

On your computer screen, you can watch real-time automated tests being run. Given the variety of technologies available for automation testing. We are the No 1 training institute for Selenium Training In Coimbatore, with great practical knowledge from our experienced trainers.