The 3 Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework

AWS Well-Architected Framework


In this blog, we discuss architectural principles and best practises and give an overview of the Three pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. More information, including definitions and references, is available.

The AWS Well-Architected Framework supports cloud architects in creating the most reliable, efficient, secure, and high-performing infrastructure for their applications. The framework offers a standardised method for customers and AWS Partners to evaluate architectures and offers instructions for putting designs into practise that grow with your application’s requirements over time.

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1. Excellence in Operations

The capacity to support workload development and execution efficiently, gain understanding of how they function, and continuously enhance assisting processes and procedures to generate business value are all aspects of the operational excellence pillar. The Operational Excellence Pillar whitepaper contains directive advice on implementation.

Design Principles

There are five design principles for cloud operational excellence:

  • carry out actions as code
  • Make minor, reversible adjustments frequently.
  • Regularly improve operational processes
  • Prepare for failure
  • Take note of all operational blunders.

2. Safety

The ability to safeguard data, systems, and assets is a component of the security pillar that enables you to use cloud computing to enhance your security. The Security Pillar whitepaper contains directive advice on implementation.

Design Principles

There are seven design tenets for cloud security:

  • Establish a solid identity basis
  • Allow for tracability
  • Implement security across all layers.
  • Automate recommended practises for security
  • both in transit and at rest, protect data
  • Don’t let anyone near the data
  • Get ready for security situations

Best Practices

Prior to architecting any work, security-related procedures must be established. You should set restrictions on who can do what. Furthermore, you need to be able to recognise To maintain data privacy and accuracy, you must prevent security incidents, safeguard your services and systems, and uphold data protection.

You want to have a procedure in place for handling security-related emergencies that is clear and well tried. These techniques and tools are essential because they support achieving objectives like halting financial loss or satisfying legal obligations.

Organizations adopting the cloud are able to accomplish their security and compliance objectives thanks to the AWS Shared Responsibility Model. 

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3. Reputation

The capacity of a workload to carry out its intended function accurately and consistently at the anticipated time falls under the Reliability pillar. The capacity to use and test the workload over its whole lifecycle is included in this. The Reliability Pillar whitepaper contains directive advice on implementation.

Design Principles

There are five design tenets for cloud reliability:

  • automatically bounce back from errors
  • Examine recovery techniques
  • Scale horizontally to improve availability of the total workload
  • Stop trying to guess.
  • Controlling automation change

Ideal Techniques

Foundational requirements that affect dependability should be in place before developing any system. For instance, your data centre has to have enough network bandwidth. Because they are outside the purview of a particular project, these criteria are occasionally overlooked. But with AWS, the majority of the fundamental requirements have already been taken into account or may be assuaged as necessary.

Since the cloud is intended to be virtually endless, AWS is responsible for meeting the need for enough networking and computation capacity, giving you the freedom to modify resource size and allocations as needed.


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